Attendance & Punctuality

Please take the time to read our Attendance policy which can be found here


Information about attendance and term-time holidays


Great importance is placed on excellent attendance and punctuality at Grange Moor Primary School, with both being reviewed frequently by Mr. Rodgers and Mrs. Long. We expect all children to attend as close to our annual target of 97.5% as possible. Any attendance below 95% is flagged up internally and monitored closely whilst any attendance below 90% is classed as 'persistent absenteeism'. At this point we may draw upon advice from the Pupil Attendance and Support Office in Kirklees where a formal referral may be made. Much of the persistent absenteeism that we see in school is made up of 'broken weeks' where children are absent regularly over a number of weeks. If your child regularly misses a day 'here and there' their attendance will more likely than not end up being classed in this way. 


 We understand that children may need to take time off occasionally due to illness. The guide below highlights when your child can and cannot be in school:


Control of infectious illnesses